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    GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care.

    Our broad expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solutions services help our customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost.

    In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders, striving to leverage the global policy change necessary to implement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems.

    Executive Leadership Team Biographies: Read bios of our executive team, for both Strategic Growth and Operating Businesses.

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    GE Healthcare Fact Sheet: Learn more about GE Healthcare's P&Ls and involvement in key areas.

    GE Corporate: GE [NYSE: GE] works on things that matter. The best people and technologies taking on the toughest challenges.

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    Media Contacts

    Media Contacts

    These GE Healthcare Media Contacts will be happy to help you with any press-related questions you may have about GE Healthcare in the United States, or globally.

    For specific media contacts in other regions around the world, view our full list of Media Contacts listed by Region, Initiative and Technology.

    Benjamin Fox, GE Healthcare U.S. Media Contact

    U.S. Media Contact: Benjamin Fox

    +1 414 721 4013

    William Spiers, GE Healthcare Global PR Director

    Global PR Director: William Spiers

    +44 1494 545 278

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    Audio Podcasts

    July 19, 2011: GE Healthcare Bid to Ensure Reforms do not Distract NHS from Focus on Early Diagnosis
    Listen to Bettina Fitt, General Manager, UK & Ireland, GE Healthcare, talk about the rationale for writing MPs.
    May 27, 2011: Innovation-Driven Healthcare Could Improve Access, Quality, Efficiency in European Healthcare
    Listen to David Boyd, Director, European Government and Public Policy, GE Healthcare discussing the issues.