The Aespire 7900 combines the exceptional performance of the 7900 SmartVent* with advanced patient monitoring technology into an affordable anesthesia delivery solution that’s well-suited for the ambulatory surgery center.

Advanced ventilation modes include PSVPro* and SIMV, which accommodate a broad patient range.

Inspired by clinicians, the Aespire 7900 addresses many ergonomic considerations, including cable management solutions, a large work surface, and optional integrated features such as auxiliary O2, suction control, and multiple monitoring integration kits.


Optimize Your Work Environment

  • Power up is quick and easy in your fast-paced environment.
  • Enhanced hose and cable management helps reduce disconnects and clutter.
  • System is lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability.
  • Large work surface offers more room for supplies and chart.
  • Large drawers provide exceptional storage.
  • Removable drawer insert conveniently stores small items. 

Highly Effective Ventilation

  • Minimum 02 flow of 50 mL available with dual flow tubes enhances accuracy in low-flow situations.
  • Bellows provide quick visual confirmation of the integrity of breathing system.
  • Standard software includes Volume Control ventilation, integrated volume and oxygen monitoring, electronic PEEP, and alarm management.
  • Optional capabilities include Pressure Mode, pressure waveform, and tidal volume compensation.

Innovative Integration for Ease of Use

  • Optional suction control eliminates the need for stand-alone suction.
  • Optional auxiliary O2 supplies a pure oxygen source for use with a nasal cannula.
  • LED light strip provides bi-level work surface illumination.
  • Auxiliary common gas outlet facilitates low-pressure leak test.
  • High-quality pneumatic flow mixing



Responsive Gas Delivery

  • The Aespire 7900 uses GE Healthcare’s Advanced Breathing System (ABS), which has been intuitively integrated into the workstation.
  • With its small breathing system volume (2.7 L), the ABS responds to fresh gas changes rapidly even during low-flow anesthesia.
  • The removable ABS and multi-absorber canister help eliminate delays during cleaning and when swapping the CO2 absorber.
  • The ABS includes a manual bag to ventilator switch.
  • The no-tool disassembly helps streamline cleaning and maintenance and it is autoclavable, so sterilization is no longer a complex procedure.

Advanced Ventilation Capabilities

Sophisticated ventilation capabilities with the 7900 SmartVent* support the needs of a broad patient range. Ventilation modes available on Aespire 7900 include:

  • Volume Control
  • Pressure Control
  • SIMV
  • PSVPro


PSVPro - Pressure Supported Ventilation  

The GE Healthcare 7900 SmartVent's advanced feature PSVPro (Pressure Supported Ventilation) expands the clinical capabilities of the Anesthesia Delivery portfolio to help meet the needs of your patients.

With a broad patient range capability, an adjustable flow trigger, PEEP, and an apnea backup mode, the PSVPro mode helps simplify the work of caring for your spontaneously breathing patients. PSV supports spontaneous breathing by supplementing pressure to the airway in response to patient initiated breaths.

  • During PSV, once a breath is initiated, the ventilator pressurizes the airway to a given inspiratory support pressure (Psupport).
  • The "Pro" piece of PSVPro refers to the apnea backup feature. After a clinician-selected period of time, apneic patients are mechanically ventilated with a SIMV pressure mode.

PSV Pro:

  • Assists in overcoming the resistance within the breathing circuit and patient circuit, helping decrease the patient's work of breathing
  • Helps counter the reduction in the patient’s functional residual capacity (FRC) and the decrease in muscle contraction due to the anesthetics
  • May be used with LMAs due to its lower airway pressures
  • With automatic apnea backup mode, uses an SIMV-PC + PSV mode to maintain a minimum minute ventilation in the event the patient stops spontaneously breathing.
  • With adjustable inspiration termination, allows fine-tuning to the patient’s breathing pattern.
  • Supports virtually all spontaneous breaths
  • Uses a decelerating flow pattern (optimizes inspiratory flow)
  • Sustains or enhances the patient’s tidal volume and etCO2 maintenance  


SIMV - Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation  

The GE Healthcare 7900 SmartVent advanced feature SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) expands the clinical capabilities of our anesthesia delivery portfolio to help meet the needs of your patients.  

With broad patient range capability, an adjustable flow trigger, and trigger window, the SIMV mode helps simplify the work of caring for your spontaneously breathing patients.  

SIMV is designed to provide assured rates and tidal volumes in a manner that supplements the patient’s own spontaneous efforts. By synchronizing to the patient’s effort, the ventilator responds to the patient's breathing needs. 

Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation allows the ventilator to sense a patient's own breathing and permit spontaneous breathing between mechanical ventilations, while providing sufficient mandatory breaths should the patient’s own rate fall below a preset value.  

Because of the synchronization provided in SIMV mode, the ventilator will assist a patient’s own breath when that breath falls within the synchronization window as specified by the clinician. These synchronized ventilations can help overcome difficulties experienced when patients attempt to compete with controlled mechanical ventilation.  

During the course of general anesthesia, various agents can affect the overall respiratory rate and volume. Among these are narcotics, inhalation agents, neuromuscular blocking agents, sedatives, or any combination of these drugs. The application of SIMV is well suited to manage these situations providing for a minimum volume.

  • SmartVent tidal volume compensation system works in all mandatory breaths.
  • Adjustable trigger window allows fine-tuning to the patient’s breathing pattern.
  • Respiratory rate is adjustable from 2 to 60 bpm.
  • Provides assured rate and tidal volume for a minimum minute ventilation
  • Automatic synchronization with mandatory breaths
  • Improved synchronization of breaths helps the ventilator respond to the patient's breathing needs.   



Aespire 7900 Product Brochure

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