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Amid industry upheaval, healthcare organizations are under greater pressure than ever to be productive. Only by getting the most out of every tool can you deliver the care patients need with the efficiency the market demands.

Centricity Services are designed to connect productivity with care by increasing usability, enhancing performance, and optimizing a solution’s return on investment.

Services are for customers only. Some services may not be available for specific products.

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GE Healthcare Services Consultation


You are not alone.

The healthcare industry is facing tremendous uncertainty, given evolving regulatory mandates that require a focus on technology utilization, performance-based outcomes, and integrated care models.   

GE has successfully navigated change for 130 years. Our 900+ IT engineers, healthcare-focused consultants, and regulatory specialists have the expertise to evaluate and help define compliant and effective IT solutions.   

Help increase employee and IT system productivity with the full depth and breadth of GE Healthcare’s Consultation experience.

Workflow Consulting

applies GE Healthcare expertise to existing workflows, optimizing clinical and business systems.

Brochure: Workflow Consulting     

Regulatory Consulting
aligns people, processes and technology to support regulatory compliance and optimize overall performance. 

Brochure: Meaningful Use Consulting     

Technical Consulting
offers expert insight into current processes, locating inefficiencies and optimizing the value of your technology.  

Productivity Assessment
comprehensively evaluates processes and equipment post-installation to identify potential sources of additional value. 

Brochure: Productivity Assessment


GE Healthcare Services Implementation



Execution is essential to success.

Low adoption, project mismanagement, poor communication, and lack of strategic vision are only a few of the factors that can derail software implementations and prevent them from living up to their promise.   

Keeping promises is one of the things the Centricity Services team does best.* One of our 200+ project managers oversees each installation, giving you a single point of contact throughout the engagement. Strengthened by our implementation specialists and equipped with the latest communication tools, our teams have successfully delivered thousands of projects.   

Gain high adoption right from the start with the help of our Implementation specialists.

*Collected about Centricity services from KLAS in July 2013 ©KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

Software Implementation

gives you the project management, workflow design, and application training you need to get up and running smoothly. 

Brochure: Software Implementation

Upgrade Implementation
delivers key enhancements to help improve organizational and clinical value while reducing disruption and downtime. 

Brochure: Upgrade Implementation     

Data Migration
smoothly and securely moves your most important assets onto supported platforms in a way that fits your unique needs. 

Brochure: Data Migration


GE Healthcare Services Education



Make your systems work for you.

Tailoring multiple applications and key performance indicator reporting for demanding stakeholders is challenging enough. Meanwhile, industry consolidation is creating new requirements and a continuous need for integration.   

Each year, our experienced configuration teams generate hundreds of custom reports, perform dozens of specialized integrations, and modify thousands of interfaces to provide rapid insight into performance, while enhancing user workflows.   

Diminish disruptions, respond to required changes, and optimize productivity by customizing systems to your team’s needs.

Application Configuration

leverages new features and fine-tunes existing functionality for optimal organizational performance.    

Interface Configuration 
delivers comprehensive recommendations to better align your interfaces with your business requirements.   

Report Configuration 
enlists expert writers and robust interpretation to capture new value from existing data.    

Custom Integration
optimizes continuity between new or existing software solutions, improving workflow, and helping to reduce human error. 

Brochure: Customization 


GE Healthcare Services Education



Knowledge is power.

Although new technology may offer a clear return on investment, employees can resist or underutilize it unless sufficient time is devoted to explaining its capabilities and benefits.   

Our solution-specific training managers have developed more than 500 courses with the learner in mind, increasing understanding and adoption. Whether you prefer online remote solutions, customized on-site training at your organization, or in-person classroom sessions at a GE Healthcare learning center, our IT experts have developed a comprehensive set of modules and courses that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.   

Drive understanding and increase adoption with the benefit of years of expertise from our Education specialists.

Master Trainer Education 
identifies leaders within your organization to train your staff with the help of experienced Application specialists.    

End User Education
delivers role-based training tailored to your staff’s specific needs, enabling each employee to develop the right expertise. 

Brochure(s): Education, Centricity Business Education, Centricity University Services, and Centricity Cardiology Enterprise Education


GE Healthcare Services Support



Even the best systems encounter problems.

Achieving 100% uptime is an ambitious goal, especially when on your own. Having a partner that can quickly solve an issue or restore interrupted service is critical to managing internal expectations and maintaining high utilization.   

Half of our entire service delivery organization is dedicated to providing customer-centered support. These highly skilled teams deliver swift diagnosis, resolution, and prevention of routine and complex issues.   

Lean on our Support specialists to help reduce unplanned downtime, promote resilience, and enhance usability throughout your IT system's lifecycle.

Software Maintenance

delivers 24/7 designated and online support for swift diagnosis, resolution, and prevention of routine issues.

Brochure: Software Maintenance     

Dedicated Support
offers exclusive, flexible, and customized service for customers with complex needs. 

Brochure: Dedicated Support

Service Portal and Software Maintenance Contacts


GE Healthcare Services Education



Let us handle it.

In an unpredictable and complex environment, managing, staffing, monitoring, and securing critical IT solutions can be overwhelming and distract you from your primary goals.   

Our specialized staff, advanced monitoring technologies, and secure remote facilities allow us to deliver the right solutions for your most pressing challenges.   

Help reduce uncertainty and long-term expenses while maintaining your focus on delivering the best patient care.

Asset Management

helps you track inventory and facilitate original equipment manufacturer contracting, promoting smooth, orderly operation of your system.   

Remote Monitoring
oversees your system 24/7 to fix issues in real time and prevent future problems before they occur. 

Brochure: Centricity Business Remote System Monitoring    

Business Continuity
develops systems, procedures, and activities to keep your critical technology functioning in the midst of disruptive events, including disasters, resulting in reduced downtime.



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