With Centricity Universal Viewer, GE Healthcare delivers a powerful unified workspace for radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians. Centricity Universal Viewer brings together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization, breast imaging, and cardiology image review and analysis. Unlike disparate PACS and 3D systems, Centricity Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency and simplify information access with a single application for 2D, basic 3D and advanced image analysis applications, enabling holistic radiology, cardiology, oncology and other specialty work flows.

For the Cardiologist...

Centricity Universal Viewer provides robust image viewing capabilities for cardiology DICOM images with a powerful set of clinically-rich tools that support cardiovascular advanced image analysis and measurements for procedure reporting. Centricity Universal Viewer also provides advanced cardiac analysis tools, including DSA, a 2D/M-Mode/Doppler/ stress echocardiography measurement package, a vascular ultrasound measurement package, and advanced 3D/4D echo analysis tools.  As Centricity Universal Viewer is web-based, these tools are all accessible irrespective of the user’s location2.


2Where internet access is available.



Enhanced Usability and Access 

Centricity Universal Viewer’s web-client provides radiologists, cardiologists, referring physicians, and other clinicians access to the same application and tools from any location1, on campus, at home, at the clinic or in the office.  

Smart Reading Protocols1

In contrast to traditional hanging protocol functions available with PACS software, Centricity Universal Viewer’s Smart Reading Protocols (SRP) do not require the user to setup hanging protocol rules that anticipate a multitude of scenarios, exam types and procedure information. During the normal review process, radiologists hang images based on their preferences and simply “teach” the system using a one-click learning feature. 

Adaptive Streaming Engine 

The adaptive streaming engine achieves rapid image display by adjusting for network conditions, device compute power, and image compression to provide an efficient way to deliver images. It responds rapidly to user actions to prioritize images most likely to be displayed next by the user, and uses progressive image quality if needed to optimize the user experience.

Workflow to Support Your Needs

Centricity Universal Viewer’s web-client has the benefit of allowing radiologists and cardiologists to adapt to their current workflow, using either the Centricity Universal Viewer study list, a Radiology Information System (RIS) or a Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) to drive workflow. Using the Open Desktop Integration tools, Centricity Universal Viewer can be used as the viewer for other 3rd party RIS or CVIS systems, including those available within your Hospital Information System.

Cross Enterprise Display

Cross Enterprise Display provides radiologists and cardiologists with seamless access to a patient’s historical imaging data across affiliated institutions when those sites provide access. Images can be streamed from a GE Healthcare or 3rd party PACS or archive (VNA).

Advanced Visualization Powered by Advantage Workstation (AW)

Centricity Universal Viewer offers a single source for post-processing applications for MIP/MPR, PET-CT, vessel analysis, automated bone removal, integrated registration, and oncology quantification. This decreases the need to log in to multiple applications and retrieve images for comparison from stand-alone “mini PACS” systems, allowing radiologists to read exams efficiently.

Advanced Mammography

Centricity Universal Viewer provides access to an advanced breast imaging workflow application, which supports screening and diagnostic workflows and the display of multimodality images. The breast imaging application provides the radiologist access and the ability to read all image types available for the patient on the same workstation, helping reduce the need to maintain separate, stand-alone workstations and separate specialized systems.

Within a few mouse clicks, a referrer accesses the same software and clinical tools as radiologists: report and diagnosis, key images, and scanned documents, as well as access to the patient study and set of viewing tools. The overall user interface is highly customizable to meet explicit needs and preferences of the users.

Universal Viewer is a unified web-based viewer that focuses on improving productivity and enhancing patient care by delivering standard as well as many innovative applications and technologies including:

  • Intelligent productivity tools, including smart hanging protocols
  • Breast Imaging Workflow, including screening and diagnostic capabilities
  • Advanced Visualization applications including Volume Viewer, OncoQuant*, Integrated Registration and Autobone Xpess; all featured with Automated Preprocessing and powered by AW 

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1 US Patent No. 8,923,580

For Cardiologists

Cardiology Capabilities

Advanced Cardiology Tools Powered by TomTec-Arena™1
Centricity Universal Viewer provides an enhanced user experience for advanced visualization and quantification tools for Cardiology, offering a single source for coronary and vascular analysis, volume analysis, echo measurement and analysis such as 2D strain, 3D and 4D visualization as well as advanced measurement tools for CATH procedures.

Additional Cardiology Capabilities include:
  • Coronary and Vascular Analysis
  • CATH Procedure Studies1
  • Stenosis, Ventricular, Echo and Stress Echo Analysis1 
  • Vascular Ultrasound Review & Measurement Module1
  • Advanced 3D/4D Echo Ultrasound Analysis Tools1
  • Connectivity with GE Healthcare MUSE™ ECG Management System 

1- Provided by TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH, Edisonstrasse 6, 85716

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