ExAblate O.R. detachable table

ExAblate O.R.

ExAblate O.R. is the first FDA approved MRgFUS system combines MR – to visualize tissues in the body, plan the treatment, and monitor real time treatment outcome – with high intensity focused ultrasound to thermally ablate tissue. MR thermal feedback, uniquely provided by the system, allows the user to precisely control and adjust the treatment in real time to ensure that the targeted area is fully treated and surrounding tissue is spared.


MRgFUS is FDA approved for two indications (UF and Palliative Bone Metastases)

ExAblate O.R. – Uterine fibroid (UF) treatment benefits: 

  • Personalized, non-invasive treatment, adjusted to patient anatomy, pathology and treatment response 
  • Excellent safety profile, very few adverse events reported 
  • Rapid and durable resolution of fibroid symptoms 
  • Non-invasive, uterus sparing procedure 
  • Consistent, predictable and immediate treatment outcomes 
  • Only 1-2 days of recovery compared to up to 1 week (UAE), 2 weeks (myomectomy), or 6 weeks (hysterectomy) usually associated with treatment of this condition 
  • Mature technology, more than 10,000 women treatments to-date

ExAblate O.R. – Palliative bone metastases treatment benefits: 

  • Ability to visualize and treat targeted tissue without harming the healthy tissue surrounding it 
  • Treats osteoblastic and osteolytic bone metastases from all primary cancer types 
  • Faster pain relief compared to radiation therapy 
  • Single session, outpatient procedure, typically patients go home the same day 
  • Excellent safety profile, very few adverse events reported May reduce or eliminate opioid analgesic dependence 
  • No ionizing radiation, therefore, procedure can be repeated as disease progresses


ExAblate O.R. – Uterine Fibroid (UF) / Palliative Bone Metastases features:

  • Multi-slice thermometry allowing the user an enhanced wide field of view for true thermometry scaling and thermal dose feedback
  • Imaging in three orientations for precise visualization enabling identification of target and surrounding tissue 
  • Optimal acoustic beam path visualization for treatment planning and enhanced safety 
  • New, user- and patient-friendly features 
  • Closed loop therapy enables user to know at any point during the treatment what has been treated, the thermal effects, if changes are required and the immediate treatment outcome 
  • Available on the Discovery MR450w 1.5T wide bore and Discovery MR750w 3.0T wide bore systems

MR-guided Focused Ultrasound

ExAblate O.R. detachable table
ExAblate O.R. detachable table