NM 600 Series

NM 600 Series father holding daughterNuclear Medicine Never Looked so Human

Our investments in nuclear medicine and our commitment to innovation are yielding remarkable advancements with SPECT and hybrid SPECT/CT imaging. Every step forward is engineered to bring more accuracy, more consistency, more personalization and more value to the power of nuclear medicine.

With each product in our 600 series, we’ve created a powerful diagnostic tool that was designed with patients, clinicians and administrators in mind. For patients, an exam that delivers helpful results. For clinicians, the image clarity to diagnose and treat with confidence. And for administrators, custom configurations that can be enhanced and scaled to protect investments in nuclear medicine.

Your needs, your outcomes

  • High image quality, to support confident diagnoses

  • Reduced exam and reconstruction times, yielding greater efficiency

  • Low injected dose

  • Quantitative techniques, helping physicians support diagnostic and treatment insights



Know more, do more

The power of SPECT to reveal physiologic and metabolic change gives physicians a unique tool for diagnosing and treating patients.

The typical availability of radioisotopes, their longer half-lives and the flexibility to explore multiple pathways in a single session continue to make SPECT an excellent choice for physicians at the forefront of medicine. 

Brivo NM615 can scan faster, with lower dose

Brivo NM 615

Brivo NM615 is an affordable nuclear imaging solution based on our SPECT technology.

Discovery NM 630

Discovery NM 630

Discovery NM630 can help you diagnose and treat disease effectively and more compassionately.


See each patient in a new light

Combine the functional and the anatomical with multi-slice SPECT/CT technology, and gain a closer look at your patients.

Innovative hybrid technology seamlessly integrates the functional images of advanced SPECT with the precise anatomical detail of multi-slice high-resolution CT.

Discovery NM/CT 670 CZT

Bring Theory to Life with CZT.

NM-CT-670-PRO_Thumbnail image

Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro

Discover what lies beyond the horizon with Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro.

Discovery NM/CT 670

Discovery NM/CT 670 provides coverage, confidence and productivity with extended CT capability.

Nuclear Medicine: Discovery CT 670.

Optima NM/CT 640

The Optima NM/CT 640 delivers confidence, peace of mind, and a lasting investment.


Q.Suite for SPECT/CT


Personalized care by the numbers.

Our Q.Suite technology for SPECT/CT may help clinicians gauge a patient’s progress more accurately than ever before, and optimize treatment, based on the patient’s unique response over time. The advanced tools in Q.Suite help ensure the accuracy of the images, consistent performance from the SPECT and CT equipment, and the integrity of the data generated.