Xeleris 4.0 – Modern and Mobilized applications for Nuclear Medicine.

We are ushering in a new era of Quantitative applications in Nuclear Medicine. Our focus is to:

  • Provide you the ability to measure what you see – absolute quantitation.
  • Deliver clinical and economical outcomes, based on appropriate treatment options and patient management.
  • Put your patients’ minds at ease and set them on an appropriate course to recovery.

Your skill helps identify diseases and make appropriate therapy recommendations. Your efforts are continuously demonstrating the value of nuclear medicine to your referring clinicians which instils a confidence in functional imaging.

With XelerisTM 4.0, we seek to offer you even greater confidence and insights into diseases. We seek to help you deliver the promise of personalized medicine – all with a click of a mouse, and new advanced quantitative tools. It’s all available at your fingertips, with a freedom to visualize and access your data in more places than ever before, while automating data flow and personalizing the applications to meet your unique needs.

With Xeleris 4.0, you’ll find new quantitative tools such as:

Q.Lung SPECT: To simplify your approach to PE or diagnosing other lung diseases

Q.Lung Quantitative: To increase your confidence in appropriate patient selection for life saving lung reduction surgeries

Q.Brain: To automatically map to the brain atlas and match against the selected normal database to facilitate the diagnosis of neurodegenerative and other brain diseases

Q.Metrix: To expand the value of SPECT/CT beyond relative quantitation with absolute quantitation, at your finger tips

Alycone CFR: To quantify blood flow measurements to facilitate the diagnosis of triple vessel or microvascular disease, often missed with traditional perfusion imaging


Clinical Applications


Greater access. Where you want it.

Increased access to Xeleris applications on PACS and the AW Server may help improve your reading efficiency and diagnostic confidence as well by having more relevant data available for image interpretation. Also, single workstation review can help improve the economy and efficiency of your reading room. And access improvements providing image data in more locations outside of the reading room can lead to greater confidence, efficiencies and potentially improve collaboration.


Automated Image and Data Flow.

Xeleris predefined and customizable Auto Capture and Archive take the redundancy out of your workflow. No more wondering if your data and images have been sent. Data and image transfers go from multiple clicks to zero. No interaction is required to have your images and data go to where you want.


Personalized applications. How you want it.

Displays and processing options can be configured and enhanced to meet your needs. Personalized applications and reviews make it easier to get the information you want out of your nuclear medicine data. Data automation can help ensure that the data you personally need is available where you want it, when you want it.

Improve and expand your nuclear medicine capabilities by upgrading now to the new Xeleris 4.0.

As a nuclear medicine clinician today, you’re being asked to do more, in more places with fewer resources. With this latest release, Xeleris has never been more capable.

Upgrade your system to discover the enhanced features that deliver greater access to data, help increase performance and productivity and focus on high-quality patient care.


1 Enhanced Privacy & Security Design
2 Refer to Xeleris 4.0 data sheet
3 Requires PACS "open API" support (see product specifications)
4 Available for Discovery NM 530 or Discovery NM/CT 570 only

ACCESS images where and when I need

Increase my WORKFLOW


Provide better PATIENT CARE

Demos on demand

Cardiac Morphing

Volumetrix IR

Sync Tool

Evolution for Cardiac


Evolution Toolkit

Volumetrix 3D



DaTQUANT optional application on Xeleris 4.0 is available for use in regions where DaTscan™ (I-123 Ioflupane) is commercially available.