Bone imaging is one of the most common procedures in Nuclear Medicine. With Evolution for Planar Bone you can reduce your imaging time or injected dose without compromising image quality. With reduced imaging time, you can more comfortably scan elderly or pediatric patients who have difficulty remaining still for a lengthy exam. If you have a scan affected by conditions such as infiltrated injections or poor patient hydration, Evolution for Planar Bone uses the limited statistics of the compromised study to help improve image quality.

Evolution Technology


Evolution for Planar Bone changes the way you image, enabling you to:

  • Enhance image quality and improve resolution on full time full dose planar bone images 
  • Reduce imaging time by up to 50% while maintaining image quality
  • Reduce injected dose by up to 50% while maintaining image quality
  • Reduce any combination of time and injected dose equal to 50% reduction in counts
  • Recover compromised studies  
  • Compensate for image-quality degrading factors


Evolution for Planar Bone features include:

  • Adaptive Structure Matching Non-Local filter which reduces the overall noise in the image by a weighted averaging of pixels found to be in similar regions based on statistical analysis
  • Optimization of the acquired pixel size, energy window and the novel Adaptive Structure Matching Non-Local filter to reduce noise without loss of edges thus improving the image quality