Two Powerful Software Packages in One 

Clarity. Choice. Convenience. Volumetrix* MI nuclear medicine application delivers all three by incorporating two powerful software packages:  Volumetrix 3D and Volumetrix IR. The combination allows you to perform multiple types of procedures using only a single application.

Volumetrix 3D adds the convenience of advanced 3D visualization to the productivity and ease of 2D image analysis. Volumetrix IR offers you the choice of registering virtually any CT to the SPECT data, without leaving the NM workflow.

So with the two software packages working together, you can get improved image clarity, the choice of CT to enhance SPECT studies, and the convenience of optimized registration in follow-up exams.


Volumetrix MI is a true multi-modality application (PET, MRI, SPECT, CT).  Using Volumetrix MI, you can:

  • Perform multiple types of procedures using one application
  • Deliver full SPECT processing
  • Enhance visual clarity through improved resolution, reduced noise with Evolution 
  • Improve visualization by removing obstructions surrounding lesions, highlighting suspicious areas of intake with 3D
  • Align automatically scans taken over time with Image Registration to easily compare follow-up SPECT exams
  • Manage large amounts of image data effectively
  • Simulate various levels of count densities with Evolution Toolkit
  • Integrate motion correction, Evolution algorithms, hybrid QC tools, multiple FOV pasting, and intelligent comparison displays
  • Minimize equipment ownership costs and maximize asset use


Volumetrix MI features:

  • Optional Volumetrix 3D segmentation tools Cut and Clip Planes
  • Optional Multi-Modality Rigid registration
  • Xeleris* platform
  • Optional Evolution Toolkit and Evolution for Bone