Motion Management Enhances Simulation

Motion Match applications can help you more effectively plan radiation treatment for tumors that move when the patient breathes. 4D phase-matched reconstruction is GE's key to improved radiotherapy treatment planning. And to help make you more productive, it allows you to automatically view phase-matched and gated studies, and simultaneously visualize dual-gated studies on the console. 


Improved Visualization Capabilities

Motion Match is designed to enhance simulation, helping you: 

  • Improve radiotherapy planning and treatment
  • Improve workflow for PET and CT respiratory gating
  • Simplify data acquisition
  • Move seamlessly between PET and CT scans
  • Phase match and view gated studies automatically
  • See both the cardiac and respiratory triggers in real time


Motion Match features include: 


  • Advantage 4D enables 4D review on the console 
  • Motion Correct outputs the average Cine CT 
  • Retro Phase Match Reconstruction allows manual bin mixing
  • Motion VUE displays acquisitions on Advantage Workstation*


  • 4D images provide a video sequence of tumor movement 
  • CT acquired in Cine mode; PET in List mode 
  • Time-generated Cine CT 
  • 3D orthogonal views



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