Clinical Case

"A patient's scan post chemotherapy showed a small pulmonary nodule with an SUV of 2.29. Using Q.Clear, Q.SUV measured 6.0. Given the patient's history of colorectal cancer, this lung nodule was likely metastatic disease. This nodule was histologically proven to be metastatic disease following surgical resection. Q.Clear gives us greater diagnostic confidence in the assessment of small FDG avid pulmonary nodules."

- Prof. Fergus Gleeson
Churchill Hospital, Oxford UK

Conventional Technology 

SUVmax (g/ml): 2.29

History: PET/CT for subcentimeter right upper lobe pulmonary nodules on end-of-chemotherapy CT following sigmoid carcinoma resection.
Scan Time: 4 min / bed
Dose: 9.3 mCi
BMI: 26.8
CT Scan: low dose CT scan with Q.AC (quantitative attenuation consistency)

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Q.SUVmax (g/ml): 6.0

Q.Clear images were retroactively reconstructed at GE Healthcare and were not used for diagnosis or treatment.

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