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The Dose Excellence Program

Help meet dose regulatory guidelines, support patient and staff radiation safety goals, and achieve ongoing outcome optimization through analytics with these consulting and educational services.

Move from measuring and tracking radiation dose to managing it.

Our experts will help you create a dose team, and customize a multi-step plan to support your visions for dose management and improved patient care.

The Dose Excellence Program focuses on measuring your current radiation dose practices using data and analytics to identify
opportunities and focus your efforts on fixing errors and helping you establish a quality improvement plan to deliver uncompromised imaging.


Step 1:  Measure Radiation Dose
Start with the basics of measuring radiation dose and benchmarking your current dose management processes.
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Step 2:  Fix Your Errors
Now that you have access to radiation dose data, what do you do with it? Understand the data and analytics so you can reduce unnecessary radiation by helping to ensure protocols, procedures and best practices are followed.
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Step 3:  Uncompromised Imaging
Build a quality improvement plan that enables end-to-end optimization to deliver just the right dose for the right clinical outcomes every time.
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