Shorten the gap time between MR exams to help increase throughput and reduce exam time.

MR Performance Excellence utilizes a three-phase process to analyze and identify improvement opportunities, design and implement solutions, and plan for sustainable results.

Assessment Phase

  • Perform detailed analytics of iCenter data
  • Test of markers2:
    • Exam Volume
    • Series Gap Time
    • Gap Time Between Exams
    • Gap Time Between Exams for same patient
    • Technologist Performance
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews
  • Lean workflow observations to validate data findings as needed
  • Reports to site leaders

Solution Implementation Phase

  • Leverage GE expertise to provide a site specific solution based on findings
  • Conduct client workout
  • Identify key performance metrics to track and measure progress to target goals
  • Provide advisory and education services for implementation of action plan

Sustainability Phase

  • Review success metrics
  • Review impacts and outcomes
  • Create and execute sustainability plan

MR Performance Excellence can help drive measurable improvement of GE MR systems throughput, asset utilization, productivity and report turnaround time.




1 Expanding MRI imaging capacity through data-driven workflow optimization at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital - Case Study 2015 - JB25840US

2 The number and the type of markers may vary per site