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Workforce Optimization
Workforce Optimization Framework

Using your data, we gain improved insights into staffing and scheduling to help ensure that the right staff member is assigned the right patient at the right time. We also help you maximize equipment and staff utilization by providing advanced clinical training – on both an ongoing and on-demand basis. And, because we know how challenging it is to stay apprised of changing compliance and accreditation requirements, we provide ongoing collaboration with our qualified experts to help you meet all guidelines.

Clinical Excellence

  • Enable real-time data acuity-based staffing
  • Link metrics of best practices with improved outcomes
  • Establish comprehensive clinical decision support

Financial Excellence

  • Implement system-wide cost analysis data and transparency
  • Streamline staff scheduling with analytics
  • Enable unprecedented cost control and oversight

Staff Excellence

  • Employ proven strategies to help reduce diversion
  • Revamp staff workflow to help reduce hospital acquired infections
  • Develop customized scheduling that right-sizes deployment 24/7

Workforce Optimization Framework