Product Take-Back and Recycle

GE Healthcare takes back used equipment to provide environmentally sustainable end-of-life processing.

GE Healthcare's Product Recycling Center

ISO 14001 Certified Site in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Renewable Resources Facility

GE Healthcare’s Renewable Resources site takes back used GE medical imaging and GE Healthcare supplied electrical and electronic equipment as well as parts and components from our customers to provide environmentally responsible end of life processing at our Oak Creek, Wisconsin USA site.

This service has been offered to our customers since 1989.  We are proud to be an ISO 14001 certified site.

Ten million pounds of medical equipment is processed at our site annually. Ninety five percent of the equipment is reused or sent for material recycling. The remaining materials are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

We accept medical electrical and electronic equipment including medical imaging, monitoring and related equipment from customers located in the US and Canada. We also take back GE Healthcare supplied batteries from customers in the US.

Please contact your GE Healthcare authorized representative if you would like GEHC Renewable Resources to assist you with end-of-life GE medical electrical and electronic equipment. 

To contact GEHC Renewable Resources for equipment and battery take back information, certificates of destruction, or for general questions, please fill out the Contact Us form.