GE Healthcare understands that hospital redevelopment objectives extend far beyond bricks and mortar.

A healthcare infrastructure project is sensitive to many different factors. Considerable effort and skill are required to ensure projects are on time and on budget. As an infrastructure solutions partner, GE Healthcare will work closely with the chosen consortium in an open and collaborative manner. Our knowledge and experience working with hospital projects across Canada provides GE Healthcare with a solid understanding of the key priorities and needs required for implementation and project success.


MES or Managed Equipment Services is a long term, multi-vendor technology project with GE Healthcare to provide a hospital with sustainable access to medical technology for a fixed fee.

While our MES program can be tailored to meet your needs, it also delivers accountability and predictability through our well-defined and transparent operational processes, regular performance reviews, and Project Management. GE Healthcare recognizes that different hospitals have different needs. Our MES programs are tailored to not only meet a hospital’s current needs, but also evolve as your organization evolves over time.